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Our Structure

We’re a Social Enterprise which means that we’re dedicated to creating positive social change. We operate similarly to a business but are regulated by the CIC Regulator to ensure that our profits are ploughed back into the community we have chosen to serve:

The Veteran Community & the dogs they share their lives with.

We’re structured in such a way too, that means nobody will be receiving large dividends, or bonuses – our priority, and passion, is to make a difference for those dogs that by their presence can transform grumpy people into grinning people. Dedicated to giving dogs a choice and a voice and making sure they are heard.

Our Challenge

M.A.D for Dogs exists to Make A Difference to the mental and physical well being of dogs by creating positive change in the way they are understood. For dogs that find themselves living with a Veteran with PTSD, they become that person’s lifeline giving them a reason to get out and about, create new habits and develop new routines.

We help you understand and get to know how unique your dog is and how important it is for them to have time to be a dog. Giving them the freedom to be themselves to choose what they would like to do. We create a safe non-judgemental environment and show you ways to help them relax, reboot and recharge. We support you by sharing takeaway tips and skills for you to use, so you can recognise when your dog needs help and are equipped to give them what they need. We speak up for dogs and tell you things your dog would love you to know.

The Future

The stuff we do here at MAD for Dogs is vitally important, and we want to carry on doing it.

Here are our strategic priorities for 2021/22:

●  Increase awareness and understanding of the vital role dogs play in our mental and physical health.
●  Develop additional Canine Support Clinics (eventually we hope to be in EVERY Veteran Hub in the UK).
●  Collaborate with partners to facilitate learning and innovation.
​●  Strengthen revenue streams to create a more planned and sustainable future.

​Eventually, we aim to:

●  Open our own MAD for Dogs Hub where people can come to learn more with ALL their dogs who save lives every day.​

Meet our Amazing Team!


Rachel Birt

Rachel Birt

Founder, Director, Trainer & Behaviour Coach

MAD for Dogs was my dream for a long time. Thanks to serendipity in 2019, I was on a course learning about working with assistance dogs. The veterans in attendance asked what they could do to give back to their dogs that were their lifeline. I shared my knowledge and expertise and in a short space of time,  as we watched each dog, relaxing into ‘just being a dog’ with no expectations, I noticed the visible positive impact on the expressions and mood of each of the caregivers, as well as their canine friends.

Realising the important role these dogs have in the lives of  ex-service people, especially those who struggle with PTSD and how much they do truly appreciate them and see the need to give back,  I started planning ways to raise awareness and increase understanding of the uniqueness of these dogs. I am passionate about advocating for their mental and physical needs to be recognised and catered for.

Eryn Martyn-Godfrey

Eryn Martyn-Godfrey

Director, Trainer and Behaviourist


When Rach first shared her vision for MAD for dogs with me in 2019, I was blown away by the project and all the help it could provide.

When she asked if I would like to come on board as a director, there was no hesitation from me, I knew I wanted to help MAD for Dogs CIC.

​I can’t wait to see it grow and go from strength to strength, helping every dog.

Having been a certified behaviourist and trainer since 2007 I have always wanted to give back and now I can. Not only directly through the projects we run for veterans’ dogs but also through the Subscription Boxes and other ways people can support MAD for Dogs.

Philip Birt

Philip Birt


Rach has always wanted to give back and when she shared this vision with me, I knew it was the project for her.

With my background as a business owner and manager, I now offer my support behind the scenes.

It has been a pleasure to watch the project bloom from an idea into reality.

I love seeing the ladies do the day to day work they are passionate about, whilst I keep the books, accounts and everything else in order for MAD for Dogs CIC to tick over and achieve all it can be.

Jimmy Levene

Jimmy Levene

MAD Supervisor (The Veterans Hub Weymouth)

In January 2021 I was in a really bad place, couldn’t see a future or light at the end of the tunnel, working for MAD for dogs and being based at The Veterans Hub, Weymouth has given me something to live for.

But, more than that, it has given me a sense of pride and a sense of belonging. I love learning about each of the dog’s different characters. As I can’t have a dog myself, by doing this work, I get to experience the pleasure you get from dogs whilst supporting other people and their dogs.

In 2020 the Covid-19 Pandemic hit we all started working together on Rach’s vision and now we are on the path to making a difference to all dogs!



Spending time with animals can greatly improve your mental health; caring for a pet can help create a routine, reduce loneliness, promote exercise and lift depression.

Taking time to formulate new habits by spending some time connecting with your canine companion outdoors.
Practise being more dog, be present in the moment, take time to smell the air, listen to the bird song or the crashing of the waves, stop to investigate something that catches your attention, a beautiful tree or flower, a pebble on the beach.

Make time to take your time, be together, with no expectations and relax, reboot and recharge

Be Active

Be Active

Engaging in regular physical activity is known to go hand in hand with lower rates of depression and anxiety across all age groups.
We know that being active isn’t always about intense exercise. In fact, moving in almost any shape or form is good for both our bodies and minds.
The same goes for our dogs too, they also benefit from physical and mental activity and combining the two in our freework at The Veterans Hub and Veteran’s In Action works wonders for the canine participants as well as their guardians. It is such a privilege to have the opportunity to give an insight into how the four legged side of each unique partnership processes and learns and how to make that all important difference, one dog at a time.
Keep Learning

Keep Learning

We are always learning new things about domesticated dogs and how they live in our world. We can never stop learning.

We love sharing all our knowledge and expertise with any who will listen, at each of our hubs we put up images of the dogs we work with, with a lesson from each and a top tip or fun fact about dogs.

When we take time to learn about something we are passionate about, it doesn’t feel like a chore, instead, it is a true commitment of ours to make learning accessible to all.

For every Veteran who attends a veteran’s hub, we aim to provide free education and support to make a difference in their dog’s life.

Take Notice

Take Notice

Taking stock of our surroundings and practising being present in the moment is all associated with a positive mental state.
Greater awareness of the world around us helps us see the unusual and notice simple pleasures.
Our dogs are brilliant at doing these things and by taking the time to learn about how they see the world, we can open up opportunities to practise new skills and grow in our understanding of their need to feel safe and secure, and begin to explore just how much we share in common with them.
We use Free Work to help you take time to sit back and take notice each and everytime you interact with your dog.

Contact Us

E: info@madfordogs.co.uk

Why don’t you have a telephone number?
We decided that not having a telephone number meant we don’t have to have someone handling phone calls each day. Instead, we can put all of our resources into making a difference for dogs.

Just because we don’t have a telephone number doesn’t mean we’re not a trustworthy organisation. Did you know that Facebook, Twitter and Google don’t have telephone numbers registered on their websites either? It also doesn’t mean we’re not available or don’t want to hear from you. Quite the opposite, we love hearing from you and always respond to messages sent to us on social media or via emails quickly.

Make A Donation

Your donation helps us raise awareness, provide tools and knowledge to help those dogs who support ex-service people with PTSD live longer and happier lives.

For dogs that find themselves living with a Veteran with PTSD, they become that person’s lifeline giving them a reason to get out and about, create new habits and develop new routines. M.A.D for Dogs exists to Make A Difference to the mental and physical well being of dogs by creating positive change in the way they are understood. ​