Operation COVID-19

Operation COVID-19

What a strange world we are living in at the moment; lockdown, self-isolation, social distancing, being reminded to do simple tasks like washing our hands. Soldiers on operational tours are exposed to these conditions on a daily basis. Operation COVID-19 is alien for us and we are all taking time to adjust, not just us our dogs too.

We are sharing this graphic by way of offering a few top tips from people who have served in the military and others who have been in similar circumstances.

Over the coming weeks we will be exploring the implications of these changes in routine for our dogs too and how we can best offer them help and support during the lockdown, and sharing ways to start preparing for when we are able to return to the ‘new normal’ whatever that may look like for each of us. For the moment though, use the tips for yourself as a way to view your dog.

Accept your dog as an individual, even if sometimes they might not act the way you want them to.
Be willing to work within the confines of the current conditions and expect less from your canine friend.
Be present and think about them, make time to do something they enjoy each day, be imaginative and try something new.

Believe in them and their ability and be mindful that how you are behaving and feeling affects them at all times; even more so at the moment when feelings will fluctuate and other routines are different too.

Start your learning journey to make a difference for your four-legged best friend.

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