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There are many ways you can support us and the work we do.

We hold Relax, Reboot and Recharge Canine Sessions for the public at the Veteran Hubs, to raise awareness and funds for the project. We also have TWO subscription options for you, one is a monthly box of wellness for your dog and the other is a t-shirt with uplifting dog based messages on them.


MAD for Dogs Team

Relax, Reboot & Recharge Canine Sessions

 Our focus at Making A Difference for Dogs is to encourage you to give your dog the best gifts;
Time, Choice and Freedom to be themselves to Relax, Reboot and Recharge.

At these sessions we invite you and your dog to enjoy some downtime in a safe non-judgemental  environment and at the same time, pick up a few tips that will make a difference for your four legged friend.
These sessions feature various opportunities for your dog to have fun by exploring, foraging and investigating to his/her hearts content.
A chance for them to relax and be themselves and for us to grab a brew and take time out to watch and see what they like to do.
Spending time with them as our focus, you might be surprised at what you discover about them.
As we learn the role your four legged friend plays in your life, we can introduce practical skills and coaching, at a pace to suit both sides of the partnership.

There are many similarities between us and our dogs and by explaining some of those and giving you examples of how some of your actions or behaviour might influence them, we hope to help you better understand and support the mental health of the dog that helps you with yours.

The more you practice observing your dog and the more relaxed they become, the more you will see. 
As they move on different surfaces and textures igniting their sensory systems we may notice differences in their posture or the way they handle themselves that might shed light on behaviour patterns, or enable us to make small adjustments to their daily care that will vastly improve their well being.

It is beneficial for both dogs and their guardians as they relax, unwind and gain knowledge, providing a successful learning environment for other skills to be added. 

​If you’d like to find out more or book a session email us at info@madfordogs.co.uk

Make A Donation

Make A Donation

Your donation helps us raise awareness, provide tools and knowledge to help those dogs who support ex-service people with PTSD live longer and happier lives.

For dogs that find themselves living with a Veteran with PTSD, they become that person’s lifeline giving them a reason to get out and about, create new habits and develop new routines. M.A.D for Dogs exists to Make A Difference to the mental and physical well being of dogs by creating positive change in the way they are understood. ​